Jailbreak iPhone with Pangu iOS 8

Being here, reading this article, you are very close to acquire the knowledge on how to jailbreak a device running iOS 8, for your favorite tweaks and new experiments.

Same development team that released last year a similar tool for iOS 8 is now back with a new tool for iOS 8 devices this time.  The new toll function on iOS 8.0 up to 8.1.2


Jailbreaking you device may be dangerous, because altering the official software can cause malfunctioning or features becoming unavailable. Jailbreaking is on you own risk anything that happens is on your responsibility.  But, you have always a chance to restore your device at the state before you jailbreak it.

Similar with the previous tool, you need to download the Pangu 8 application on a Windows or Mac machine (no Linux this time), with the iOS device connected.

A backup of your device is recommended, before everything else.  Use iCloud or iTunes backup tools..  iTunes offer encrypting (note the password you use, just in case !). Backup encryption speeds up the whole process and allows storing the passwords in the same time, so there is no more need to key them in when signing up on your services (emails or so) and applications that you run on your device. (iCloud handles backups this ways, with the need to key in passwords)

When backup ends, disable the passcodes and download Pangu jailbbreak tool, click on it to install it on your device and run it.

If messages about ‘untrusted developer’ show up during installation (on OS X ) ignore them or open the application with right click.

Continue installation following the prompts.  Connect the iOS device; activate the jailbreak icon on the Windows or Max machine, and wait, while the application transfers all needed file onto to iOS device.  This is the longest part. Do not tap on the Pangu icon before the process ends.

Finally, the Cydia application is installed, and you can enjoy tweaking your device.

For rollback, if errors or you just decide that you do not need jailbreaking anymore, just restore your device from the backup you just made.  The Pangu 8 troubleshooting guide is available if something goes wrong during the installation or operation.

Audio Recorder the best cydia tweak to record calls

Several weeks past, Elias released the Call Recorder tweak to much delight but finally, after many problems enclosing the legality of the tweak/attribute, the programmer himself pulled it down.

The characteristics and functionality is same. You can record calls in your iPhone 5s or 6 using the tweak. It places an easy record button in the call tavern and lets you record calls by exploiting it.

Even following the contentious take down, Call Recorder continued to work for anyone who’d installed it using an authorized copy.


Audio Recorder will play an info message when you begin recording a call. This may alarm/educate another individual in the call also. It’s, in many states, illegal to record calls with no permission of the parties. While in certain states recording calls might still be able legal or sometimes, completely illegal the programmer has set his feet securely in the floor.

Now, it appears that the programmer has come back with Audio Recorder and having a strong support from his attorney, he’s boldly put up the tweak for downloading on ModMyi repo. As always, you can buy the tweak for $3.99 which procures a permit for you.

Legal problems are still harassing this kind of characteristic because call recording is a violation of seclusion. There cant be programs associated with call recording in the App Store and clearly, Cydia is the sole way out. But you have to remember when you’re using call recorder, you need to know about the hazards included.

Audio Recorder can be found on ModMyi.

With Pandaapp you can download free apps on iPhone

Probably the first time when you heard about Pandaapp is the time it was mentioned in Installous Alternatives Everyone Needs to Know.It is an app that allows you to install free apps.It is similar to iFunBox,Kuaiyong and other apps,but this app is different from the others.On Pandaapp’s official website you can find many apps for iPhone,iPad,iPod and Android.You will spend hours to search the apps and games you like.The most important is you can download all for free.Just follow these steps:

1.Moborobo is an application similar to  iTunes that sync iOS device with the computer so you can manage your iOS device from your computer easily.After Moborobo installation,you should check for iTunes installation.If you don’t have iTunes installed on your computer,you can install it from Apple.com.


2.To install cracked apps,you will have to jailbreak your  iOS device,because most apps on Pandaapp works on a jailbroken iOS device. Download Cydia and install AppSync from Cydia;check if the AppSync version works with your iOS version.

3.After connecting your iOS device and computer,open Moborobo,click on the Apps button then click on Panda App.

4.Click on the app you want to install and then click on the green Install button.Moborobo will install the app on your iOS device automatically after the app download is complete.You should see the app on your iOS device installed in your home screen.With Moborobo you can install an IPA files downloaded from Pandaapp.Browse and drag the IPA file to the User Apps area and the installation will begin.

Cracked iphone apps(downloaded trough vShare, Installous and AppCake) allow users to test an app before they buy it.

Cydia Alternatives

As time goes by, the jailbreak community is evolving and developing at increased rates, especially since the jailbreak procedure is no longer under any circumstanced considered illegal. Nowadays, Cydia is regarded almost as a synonym to the jailbreak procedure, but that is just a mistake, since Cydia actually is a third party app platform that delivers apps, games and tweaks for the jailbroken iOS devices. Certainly, Cydia is the most used way, but for those of you that are willing to explore other options, we have prepared a small surprise.

There is a new service out there known as iTweak and for now it’s a web based service. It integrates perfectly with the iOS interface, though you will have to enter a site and login in order to download apps, games and tweaks, but amazingly enough it does its job well enough. We are indeed curious to see how it will manage the large amounts of data once it will spread out for the public use especially since due to its nature, additional data will need to be filtered and ran through their servers with the extra login information and the preferences that have to be stored for each user.

icy installation iphone

 Icy iPhone installation

There have been some attempts in the past to compete with Cydia, but most have failed since they did not managed to provide the required maintenance and to sustain the heavy costs of it in order for any service like this to survive. Cydia on the other hand, already provides all the best apps, games and tweaks out there, and most of them are completely free. As a plus, using Cydia, you are given the option to install some apps that have been banned from Apple’s AppStore due to inappropriate content, and by that we mean content that does not matches the specific rigor that Apple uses to maintain a firm grip on how the users choose to customize their devices or the kind of content they should have.

The bottom line is that in order for new third party app platforms to appear on the market and develop up to their full potential they need to become popular fast, before the costs become too great to be supported by the developers.

Cydia introduction

If you have been wandering, Cydia is an alternative that you can use to Apple’s App Store where you can find apps for your iPod, iPhone or iPad that are not available in the official App Store or apps that are available, but for free. You have to know that most of the apps that are not available in the App Store have been rejected by Apple because they might enable your iDevice to do stuff that Apple is not comfortable with users being able to do.

In order to use Cydia, all you need is to own a jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, running an iOS version higher than 3.0.

cydiaFor those of you that do not know, Cydia is available for installation during the jailbreak procedure in most cases. Apps like snowbreeze, ultrasnow or Greenpoison will do the trick for you. If your jailbreak did not install Cydia, you can install Cydia on your device using Installer.app or AppTap, which are app tools available to jailbroken iOS devices.

It’s nice to be able to customize your iOS device with state of the art graphics, and tweaks that can improve the accessibility of your device in ways that you never known so far, however on the question that imposes itself if the Cydia apps are safe for your device, the opinions are divided. It is true that you can actually stumble on your own upon some great apps, but it is true as well that you will be disappointed by other apps. Our appraisal should guide you however to avoid the unnecessary nuisance of hunting for good apps.

There are some paid apps for you as well to access with Cydia, and the payment methods differ according to your preferences: you can either use PayPal, Amazon Payments or credit card.

One thing to consider though is to be on a look out for the best Cydia repositories out there, to be sure you will always find the best apps that Cydia has to offer, without adding load time to Cydia.

Top 10 tweaks for iOS

Due to the rigidity of Apple you surely have noticed by now that there are no tweaks available in the AppStore. As a direct consequence you are unable to personalize your iOS device. On the other hand, the Cydia AppStore is loaded with them, the only thing that you have to keep in your mind is that you must be aware of the impact each tweak could have on your OS. Keeping in mind all that, we have prepared a list of tweaks you could easily use on your iOS device, improving your user experience starting from the basic appearance of your iOS and continuing to the way certain apps behave and what their performance is.

Activator is a tweak that changes the way your Apple device can be used allowing the user to define a custom set of gestures and actions to control your iDevice. Your interface with your device couldn’t be easier and enjoyable.


Skyra1n is an app that comes to replace Spire especially for the users that had issues with Spire. On behalf of the functionality, just like Spire, this is a port of Siri. You won’t encounter any issues regarding CPU and RAM usage or battery drain.

If you simply want to tweak the background of your Notification Center, you should use Custom NC Background.

Safari has always been the internet browser imposed by Apple, but if you’re sick of it, you could always use Browser Changer in order to be able to use different browsers, like Chrome for example. Try this tweak at your own peril, you might not want to use Safari ever again.

If you think that your iOS is running slow, might be due to the fact that those pesky animations are taking a whole lot of time to load and deploy. As an answer to that issue, you could try to use Fakeclockup, a tweak that will reduce the animation running time, giving you the impression that your iOS is running much faster and smoother. If you are using an older iOS device, this tweak might be a must for you.

Barrel is a tweak that enhances the animation of pages, bringing something new to that old sliding pages mumbo-jumbo.

Switcher is the kind of tweak that brings a whole new dimension to the the app switcher. Now you will have a kill app button, an optimized brightness adjuster, a new music bar and a shortcut for settings.


Zephyr is the kind of tweak that will enhance your multitasking operating experience by removing most of the nuisance out of it.

For those of you that wish that their devices reflected a little bit more of their personality, we present you a simple app that will allow you to change the design of your keyboard and its name is ColorKeyboard.


AnyLockApp is the tweak that will allow you to access any app from you lock screen in pretty much the same way that you can already access your camera now. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

You don’t have to worry about the fact that there are out there just 10 tweaks for iOS devices. There are plenty more in the Cydia app store, you just have to have willingness to experience them.